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Northern Vätterns archipelago is for everyone!

Bild: Man i elrullstol åker ned i salongen från fördäck med hjälp av Weterviks hiss.Accessibility adjustments
of M / S Wettervik:

- A broader gang plank.
- Lift from the foredeck to the salon.
- Increased width between tables
- Handicap Toilet
- Radio wave for hearing aids.
- No thresholds

Accessibility Grönön:
- Wooden deck spread over large parts of the island with projections out over the water and also into the woods.

- Handicap Toilet

Our vision is that everybody regardless of handicap should be able to enjoy our beautiful arcipilago! Thus, our philosophy has been to listen to people with different needs and customize our ships Wettervik thereafter.

During the winter of 2005 and 2006, major reconstruction of the vessel which, among other things, consisted of installation of the elevator to bring down even greater wheelchairs in our salon. We have taken out all solid bench installations. This way, we can now accommodate up to thirty ordinary wheelchairs at the same time (the number may vary because of the many variations of wheelchairs) and we can also offer a considerable amount of seating for larger wheelchairs.

Unique is that a disabled person no longer is assigned to a special place. The same option applies to all! From the lounge you can get out on the aft deck and enjoy the fresh air and why not order a drink at the bar on the way out?

We also turned two small cramped toilet into a large handicap toilet.

Grönön (The green island)
In 2005 and 2006, we participated in the process of getting Grönön accessible. Grönön is one of the islands in the archipelago that now is accessible.

Mattias in the picture with several of us have been very helpful to understand the needs that may exist among you out there. Do you have questions, comments, tips and advice? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Ticket and cancellation conditions for:
Prawn feast, Sunday buffet,
and Cheese and wine evening.

Cancellations shall be submitted at
least one week before departure date.

Cancellations of a single person in your
party may be made up one day before
the departure date.

Cancellations the same day of departure
will be debit full price.

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Sometimes we have to cancel
cruises due to charter.

Looking for more interesting destinations?
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Regrettably; sometimes we have to cancel cruises due to charter.
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