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Askersunds skärgårdstrafik and M / S Wettervik takes you on adventures in the northern archipelago of Vättern.

Bild: Tagen akter ut över Askersunds hamn med Wetterviks svenska flagga i förgrunden. Vackert väder med blå sky. Bilden är tagen från soldäck.

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Northern Vätterns archipelago has been described as wild and beautiful. The archipelago is Sweden's only inland fresh water archipelago and it includes about fifty islands, in addition to all the islets and reefs. All the islands except for a few is uninhabited. Here are rough hewn rocks, rounded granite outcrops and windswept pine forests in colorful contrast to the limpid, blue-green water.

Bild: Segelbåt i Alen. Fotot taget akter över. Vitt skrov och segel. Skrovet har en blå stipe. Vackert väder med några få målntussar.In summer, the northern Vätterns archipelago is a popular destination for recreational boating and in winter, the archipelago is transformed into a skate paradise. Since september 8, 2004, large parts of the northern archipelago has become one large eco-park which means that the ecological values goes before the financial to preserve this unique part of hour herritage.

M / S Wettervik invites us on a unique journey through this landscape filled with history and mystery. You can, among other things to see:

Askersund city

Bild: Kopparstick av Askersund i början på 1300-talet. Vinter ch folk är ute på isen. Till vänster ligger Askersund och dess stora kyrka.

In 1314 Askersund was mentioned for the first time in a papal letter. The name derives from the word Askersund æsker or ash. When Gustav Vasa visited Askersund in 1550 he thought that the small community had an opportunity to become a major trade and marketplace because of its location between Tiveden and Tylöskog and the natural port with several connections into the water. The king decided therefore that there would be two markets a year. And since then the city still has a spring market and an autumn market. Askersund received its town charter June 13, 1643 by Queen Christina's regency.

Landskyrkan (The Country Church)
The great church that dominates the southern entrance to Askersund is called the Country Church (Landskyrkan). Verner Von Heidenstam called this church the "Common people's Knights church".

Borgmästarholmen (The mayor's island)
Bild: Borgmästarholmen (skogsdunge på en holme). Bild tagen från soldäck.Borgmästarholmen belonged in the 1800s to the city's mayor named Knös. He lent Borgmästarholmen to Askersunds marksman association who had exercises on the island every Sunday. In the early 1900s IFK Askersund took over operations on the island. Every summer, the association hosted the very popular "Borgmästarholmen feast."

Around 1939 people rowed over to the party and a ticket cost 5 cents. In the 1930's they began to discuss whether a bridge should be built between the island and the mainland and 1990, 60 years later a bridge finally was built and the people of Askersund could walk out to their beloved island whenever they wanted.

Husaberg Udde (Cape Husaberg)
Bild: Husabergsudde, parkliknande område med träd.Around the year 900 burial pyres blazed on the ridge at Husaberg Udde. One thousand years later, in the late 1800s and early 1900s archaeologists dug out the cape. They found all kinds of objects such as swords, span dents of bronze spearheads etc. There is a saying that some times, at night, you can see a flickering light and if you can find the source of that light, you will find a golden treasure. Many treasurehunters have been searching for the treasure but it has yet to be found. It is also said that occult powers protect the site. Perhaps the old Vikings still watches over the graves of their chiefs.

Stjernsund Castle

Bild: stjernsunds slott, vy från söder med den pampiga trappan ned mot vattnet i förgrunden.

Stjernsund castle is situated on a peninsula surrounded by water on 3 sides. The first castle was built in 1637 by Count Johan Oxenstierna. The strait was then called Ölme Straits, but the Count changed the name by replacing the "Ölme" towards the last part of his own surname, and so became the name Stjernsund (sund = strait). It was also Oxenstiern who gave the castle its name. The current castle was built on the old palace grounds in the years 1797-1808 by the utility master Olof Burenstam. In 1823 the castle was sold to King Carl XIV Johan who used it as a temporary residence on his trips to Norway. The king's grandson, Prince Gustaf fell in love with the castle and did a renovation of this in the mid-1800s. But the prince never got to stay in the newly renovated palace wheres he died only 25 years old before the renovation was finished. In 1860 the castle was sold to Knut Cassel and eventually his son Albert with his wife Augusta took over. Under the Cassels ruel Stjernsund developed into an agriculture center. It became known for its livestock breeding and Stjernsund became the origin for the Swedish red and white Cattle in the 1940s. The last Cassel, Mrs. Cassel bequeathed the castle to the Royal Academy of Letters 1951.

Some of our tours include a guided tour of the castle.

Edö Säteri (Edo Manor)
Edo Manor was established in the 1100s. It has been engaged in cattle breeding with special production of bulls and sometimes even horses. The original name was Edh. The most famous owner of the farm was Saint Bridget and her husband Ulf Johansson Gudmar who inherited the farm after Bridget's father Birger Persson in 1327.

Prinskullen (Prince Hill)
It is supposed to be on the Hill Prince as Prince Gustaf inspiration and composed the songs "happy as a bird in the morning hour" and "you exquisitely beautiful valley".

Stora Hammar strait and the ferry disaster.
Before there were bridges over the Great Hammer Strait there were ferries that transported goods and people across the strait.

Bild: Resterna av stora Hammarsundet. Ena brofästet sett från vattnet.In 1820 a new ferry was purchased, which was drawn across the channel with steel wires. 1928, eight years later on April 28'e disaster struck. In Askersund there had been a spring market and many people were on their way home, the weather was bad with wind and high waves in the strait. The ferry was crowded with people, cattle and carriages . Suddenly the rusty wire broke and an ox fell overboard in front of the ferry. Several passengers ran forward to help and that made the ferry keel over. People, wagons and animals fell pell-mell into the cold water, some could be saved by other boats that were nearby, and some clung to the oxen and cows and was dragged ashore. When all was over twentyfive people had lost their lives.

Hammars kyrka (Hammar's Church)
Hammar's church is different from our churches in general because of it's tower that is facing north-south instead of the common way for churches to be facing east-west. In order to accommodate the church at the top of the small ridge it had to build it in this fashion. The church was built 1821.

Stora Hammar Bridge
Bild: Bild tagen då Wettervik passerar under STora Hammarsbron.Stora Hammar Bridge was completed in autumn 1994. Then the 550 meters long bridge had cost about 70 million crowns. The rest area on its southern stronghold is by many considered as one of the most beautiful places in the country, there is also a tourist office located there in the summer. The bridge has a Vertical height of 22 meters and the width of the fairway between the bridge piers is 54 meters.

Flygarmonumentet (The pilot monument)
Bild: Flygpionjären Elsa Andersson ståendes framför en Bleriot (flygplan). On the right side of the island Edo's estate is a monument to one of Sweden's first female aviators Elsa Andersson, who died the winter of 1922 after a failed parachute jump.

Bild: Tagen från land föreställandes Wettervik som ligger med fören mot bryggan i Olsammar.Verner von Heidenstam called Olshammar the world's center. He made one of the stones of the Birgitta's Church floor the absolute center. Olshammar is a agricultural and an industrial society and has dealt with the iron industry since the early Middle Ages. Olshammar is dominated by the Munksjö sulphate factory (now Smurfit Munksjö Aspabruk AB) founded in the early 1920s. These forms of industrial activity has been going on continuously in Olshammar ever since the 1300s. Smurfit currently has about 200 employees. Olshammar relates to two prominent Swedes - the holy Birgitta and Verner von Heidenstam.

As with Stjernsund castle, some of our tours include a guided tour of the Birgitta Church.

Grönön (The green island)

Bild: Från Grönön hoppar gäster i Vätterns klarblå vatten för att svalka sig i den varma solen.

Some of our tours goes to Grönön. The island is part of the conservation area and our passengers have the opportunity to hike the marked trails. The island is also unique in that it in 2006 was fitted with wood trails so that everyone regardless of disability can enjoy this unique and beautiful nature. The island also provides an opportunity for swimming in the clear blue waters.

This and much more remains to detect! And bring your binoculars because at times, if you're really lucky, you can see elk and deer swim between the islands.

Welcome aboard!

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